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Android 10 and VPN (bug)

Star III
I use a VPN and since the upgrade to Android 10 some things stopped working as expected. When the VPN is on:
Play Store doesn't automatically install updates, I need to manually click the update button;
My podcast app doesn't automatically check or download new episodes;
It seems that apps see the VPN as a metered connection (even if we're connected to WiFi). The result is limited network functionality.
I believe this was a problem back on Android 8, but it was fixed by Google with Android 9. I don't know if this time it's another Android bug or if it only affects Asus own Android fork.
To reproduce, connect to a traditional VPN (open vpn, wireguard, etc) and use any app that has its functionality limited by metered connections. A free VPN that can be used for testing is Cloudflare's app.
If someone from Asus team reads this, please inform your software team of this problem.
Thanks in advance.

Star III

Hey @S4t ! Good news! Asus just released a new FOTA (Firmware Over The Air) Update addressing your VPN issues late last night and has begun rolling out to devices.

If you do not wish to wait for the update, you can download and force it manually using the download at

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You mean WW-17.1810.1911.110?
I tested with two WireGuard clients (Cloudflare's app and the official app + my own server) and it still doesn't work. But then I tested with an OpenVPN client (ProtonVPN free plan) and now it's working.
There was a change in Android 9 that (if I understood correctly) requires apps to declare the underlying networks. Maybe these two WireGuard apps don't do this?