Android 10 and VPN (bug)

S4tS4t Level 2
edited September 2020 in ZenFone 6

I use a VPN and since the upgrade to Android 10 some things stopped working as expected. When the VPN is on:

  • Play Store doesn't automatically install updates, I need to manually click the update button;
  • My podcast app doesn't automatically check or download new episodes;

It seems that apps see the VPN as a metered connection (even if we're connected to WiFi). The result is limited network functionality.

I believe this was a problem back on Android 8, but it was fixed by Google with Android 9. I don't know if this time it's another Android bug or if it only affects Asus own Android fork.

To reproduce, connect to a traditional VPN (open vpn, wireguard, etc) and use any app that has its functionality limited by metered connections. A free VPN that can be used for testing is Cloudflare's app.

If someone from Asus team reads this, please inform your software team of this problem.

Thanks in advance.


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