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ALL WHITE screen Camera issue

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Hello,I bought the new ZenFone 6 at the end of December and after a week of use this problem come out. Tring to make pics,the main camera show a all white screen!!! Only the Wide camera works . It's happening again,the first time it's solved by itself after 4/5 days. Nothing helps. Although I noticed that in this phone the 48 megabyte pics really sucks about couloirs and the audio quality on the call(from the earspeaker)also sucks. Metallic quality voice from the caller. Anyone had same stuff happening?

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If you are in "Safe Mode" and the main camera still takes a full white screen, it is recommended to send the phone to a service center for processing.

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Hi.. Do u have find a way to fix it? My wife phone just turn white and only wide angle work... I dont know what should i do with it

Hi @Ombesi 


can you try the previous suggestion and enter safe mode to verify if your screen still turns white? If it does, it most likely will need to be serviced.