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After 3.5 years, finally got the bootloop issue.

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I'm surprised it didn't happen sooner, hearing all the stories about motherboard troubles but it's held up well since I bought at launch. Was scrolling around on Google Maps then the whole screen went white, no response. Forced restart, now it doesn't get past the Asus logo with power button and down volume button. Hopefully I can get some data off it at least if it somehow turns on one last time before new phone arrives. Assuming it doesn't, what can I do with this brick?


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Is it a coincidence, I am facing exactly the same issue from last few days after using flawlessly for 3 years.  This  model seems to be discontinued and service centers denied looking into this.  I did wipe data, factory reset, nothing helped. 

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Hello guys 

Would it be possible for me to buy your dead Zenfone 6? I have damaged my camera module and I can't find a place to buy the part, so it seems like buying the whole phone for the part I need is my only option. Thanks

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Community Manager
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