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Accidentally triggered recent app on Gesture Navigation

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A very annoying problem, happening more and more recently.
Since the Virus, I have to switch between a lot of apps like Microsoft teams and Google sheets. Sometimes I just want to swipe back to home screen and access my file manager. Then, there it is! It just activate the "Recent apps switcher" it was my usual very quick swipe up... I DIDN'T swipe up and hold. Please heeeeelp
Another minor problem, seldom when I'm opens an app the app transition opening animation will not play at all it's been here since the Android 10 update. Please fix this matter as well!
As these problems are affecting my ZenFone 6 user experience, I hereby sincerely hope that you guys will fix this please 🙏🥺
I love ASUS very much! Please fix these annoying problems if you could spare a moment.
Stay safe, everyone at ASUS!
"ASUS, only the best for you~~~🎶🎶🎶"

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Returning to the home is a short and fast movement.

If during this your phone vibrates, it indicates that you've triggered the recent page instead of the home page.

My advice is to not got too high when your swipe, do it quickly !

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Unfortunately, I do all the gestures with utmost swiftness and I never hold the gesture to mid-screen. I always use that gesture to the area I could say that of the spacebar of Gboard. 😕
And believe me, I try swiping even faster but it's useless🤣
Thanks for the advice tho👍🏻

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Please record it with screen recorder and make sure "show touches" is active