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Zenfone 5Z unlock bootloader

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How can we unlock the bootloader now that the app is purposely not working anymore ? If you have a solution for your users please share it, otherwise please reinstate the app.

Why does the app even needs connectivity for this ?

Just let us use the device we bought



Hi, this model has stopped maintaining the Unlock Device App, sorry for any inconvenience caused, thank you for your support and love for ASUS products.

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I'm sorry but your answer is not acceptable. Asus has not "stopped maintaining"the app, that is  a blatant lie. The phone is not receiving updates, the app does not have to be "maintained". Asus has purposely disabled the app in an effort the force users to buy new devices.

Really disappointed I bought a ROG phone after my zenfone, there is no respect for their customers from ASUS, even blatant lying and going against the law (planned obsolescence is not legal in Europe)

Hello Scaum,

you are absolutely right. It's totally unacceptable that Asus no longer offers a way to unlock the bootloader. Asus no longer provides security updates and at the same time they take away the possibility of installing a custom rom. Shame on Asus.