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Zenfone 5z rear camera blurry

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What happened to my mobile please help

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Same issue for me and it makes our phone really useless. Will we get the bug fixed or just we have throw ASUS awa?

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It's more than 6 months I've been facing the same problem. I've tried factory resetting the phone twice but the camera is still unable to focus. The camera has become useless because of Asus's negligence. Asus zenfone 5z is a premium phone and should be treated that way. More users are facing this problem but are not talking about it. Please leave a comment so that Asus comes to know the severity of the problem.

After recent update I am also facing same issue with camera. Camera was running fine before update. Is asus purposely killing camera's of Zenfone 5z with latest update? Seems like it because so many users complaining same issue at same time.