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Zenfone 5z Main Camera Got blurred.

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Since last month i found my Main Camera is blur.It is not due to any software upgradtion.I had checked all latest firmware but still problem exist .I also Downgrade my Phone to Pie .still problem was there. I m in doubt how it got blurred jst because of sudden falldrops of phones or any software issue is there with phone. If this pblm is due to physical damage to camera then this will not face by others using this phone since this time .


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This is not a permenant fix but a temprory workaround you can give it a try @Alwyn ☝️☝️

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Doesn't work

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Asus cheated us, instead of fixing the issue for free, they charged Rs. 5000 for camera replacement, though many people reported this issue.
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I am also facing same issue after last update. This issue is not hardware issue. Camera is showing everything blurry because some issue with update messed up autofocus and camera have fixed focus now. If I have to spend money on fixing this issue I'd prefer to throw away this phone and never buy asus branded stuff again.

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I have already said you guys that service center is charging 3k for this Issue! Haven't you guys read? I have already talk about this in other discussion page! My real question is why pay 3k for what we haven't done? Service center has already confirmed it's hardware issue and I have been talking about it from long back! I have talked to asus customer service guy and he was the one who made me talk to my nearest service center. Nobody will agree to pay 3k for nothing!

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If iy would have been software issue then even with the new camera module the problem would persist. It is a hardware issue bro.

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Debasish Sahoo

Ok let's assume that it is a software issue then tell me one thing that why majority of people's are not facing the issues and why few of them are facing the issues. I am not saying that u r wrong but may be it's due to hardware issue so better to check your device at service center because there u clearly get your answers.

Even if I am not facing any issues and my camera works super fine. If it is a software related issue then majority of us should face that issue.

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Yes indeed.and majority of US are facing .can you count on how many are not facing the issue.either hardware or software, if so many are facing the same issue it is not possible that everyone has droped the phone or used it roughly .few of US have taken the device to customer care .they tried lame solutions like software update which obviously didn't worked ,charged the customer 250 .another guy got it repaired for 5000.