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ZenFone 5 (ZE620KL) Slow Charging

Hello friends, I have a problem with my Zenfone 5, I noticed yesterday that my phone was charging extremely slowly... to get an idea, it took 1:30h to go from 12% to 14%, opening the "Ampere" app, I was checking only 10mA, I tried to remove the charger and put it back on and it went up to 800mA, even so it’s not the 1700mA that usually reaches charging... and detail, I tested this same charger on the ZenFone 4 Selfie Pro I have here and it reached 1800mA with the same charger, does anyone have an idea?

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have you tried with another cable ?


have you tried with another cable ?

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yes, I tried with another original and new cable that I had kept in my cell phone case, but the problem persists, the only thing I did this week was to put the new firmware that came out for him, but I didn't notice if it was after the update, the firmware is the final 2004.126, released this month.
I tried to go back to the old version 2002.120, but it didn't solve

I am also facing same problem... Very slow charging.

Good afternoon guys, I got an ASUS plug adapter, the only difference is that instead of being the 10W charger that comes in the box, it’s an ASUS 18W charger, but this 18W charger worked the Quick Charge and mine cell phone recharged at the correct speed, in the end it was not cable but the plug adapter that broke with just 6 months of use (still under the cell phone warranty), absurd ... but here's the tip for the people who have the same problem.