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Zenfone 5 2018 ZE620KL - Android 10 Stable & AOSP Official Rom Version / Evolution X

Rising Star II
Hello there,

We can all guess that Zenfone 5 will not receive the Android 10 update and will be left in beta, from previous devices of ASUS. In the last days, certain information has come that he will not buy. In this case, I invite you to install roms. In this rom, you can control and customize all the features of the phone. (Example: Changing the clock shape, location type etc.) You need to root for this. But don't be afraid: d Often companies say it's not safe, but you won't install the updates they've released. So it is safe and does not have any problems. If you do, you can fix it by formatting or reverting to the Asus version. Your phone will be out of warranty when you switch to rome. But when you remove root and download back asus software, you can get back to warranty. Ask what you wonder and answer it. This rum is the official rum of Evulotion X. Shown in the video.

Video link: