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The quality of the camera drops drastically using apps

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Model: ZE620KL
Firmware/APP Version: WW.16.0615.2002.120
Frequency of Occurrence: Always
Rooted: No
APP Name: Instagram, WhatsApp, Skype, etc...

When I don't use the mainstream camera app from Asus the camera quality drops drastically. This happens with every app: Instagram (stories), WhatsApp (sending photos to my friend), Skype (video calls). In the screenshot you can see me in the left and one of my classmates in the right (this is Skype). There is surely something wrong with the camera software, because my WiFi signal is very strong (i tested it). Also, if I use the standard camera app from Asus everything works really well. This happens with almost every app that uses the camera (front and back)

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Hi there! I got the same problem and last week I've reseted my phone to factory default (reseting and cleaning the apps didn't work), and then the camera in third party apps come back to a good quality, almost as the main Asus camera app. Also, it cleared around 12GB used space from the previous install, that I couldn't clear with any other app. Try it, could solve your problem too. Best regards.

Zen Master I
Hi fscoscianna, Please try clearing the storage of these apps and check if the problem still appears. If the problem still appears, could you send us original photos/videos taken from these apps? Please upload them to ASUS WebStorage ( and share the link with us. Please also tell us the app versions of these apps. Thank you. 🙂

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Hello and thanks for your answer! In this link you'll find 2 photos and two videos: one is taken from the standard camera app from Asus, while the other one is taken with Instagram. The quality of the Instagram ones is the same for every other app. You can see 2 things: 1) the photo and the video lose a lot of colour, it's like they get less saturation 2) in the instagram ones you can see some sort of black vertical bars (especially in the video you can see them moving) This happens with every single app that uses the camera (Instagram, Whatsapp, CamScanner, Skype, etc), so i think this should be fixed with an update. The main problems are those black bars (they're really annoying in the video) and the lack of colour and saturation in the image. You can see that there's also a lot of noise in the photo taken with Instagram, but I think this is because the photo and the video are lighter.

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Is there any news?