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Thank you ASUS. A final bid thy farewell.

Star II
Starting off with an honest remark: I had a great time using the ZenFone 5Z in the initial year. However, if you really do care about your $$$ and experience, please DO NOT get a phone from Asus. Ever, really. Been a long-time user since 2014 (ZenFone 5, which happens to be the first phone in my lifetime) and 2018 (ZenFone 5Z). Twice did I trust, twice did I REGRET! The former had its CPU give up one morning randomly, and the latter one started to reboot randomly with unreliable cellular connection and battery drain. What's worse, they ended support by pushing such a software update that neither not only ever fix those issues throughout, but also BRICKED the camera focusing system. 
The pandemic restrictions, the not-so-understanding service-centres always looking for some quick cash, and the 'ZenTalk' community of "helpers" really did help me really learn about the dark side of Asus and finally make the move out towards other manufacturers.
Whilst the direct competitor OnePlus 6T will be getting Android 11, even the 12 Beta with a perfectly working camera and reliable network connection (which is the very reason we buy a phone for amirite?). Now, we have this disappointing of a device (and manufacturer) that just failed us. Ended support by bricking things off - thanks Asus, I guess, so much for a flagship 'killer' (the irony 💀)

Star II
Alright guys, let's keep it relevant now shall we please? 😀 don't worry, we all make awkward stuffs every now and then hahah I feel your pain :3 I actually waited for the perfect moment to get my new Galaxy S20 FE 5G at $499, practically less than the price I bought my ZF5Z at! ($550 in August 2018)