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Some problems

Star I
I have got some problems with my 5Z.

1st: If bluetooth is on or was on and I get a call, on the screen it is not green button to pick up the call. I can only pick up the call with a bluetooth accessories. I have to restart my handy (after restarting it operates well until the first using of bluetooth). If I start a call from telephonebook, I haven't got sccreen with green buttons. I can't see when the call will be answered.

2nd: If I use the information button (see the red marker on the first pic) on telephone menü, the call history of the partner is missing (it is empty - see the green marker on the secobd pic).

Are these due to a botched update? (I'm NOT using a rooted phone, so it only updates from Google Play)

3rd: why can not I update my handy from January in 2021? Neither android nor security updates are coming (Android 10 remains).

Hello, Ordas.
Sorry for the slow reply. 
Could you please provide the firmware version that you are currently using? 
For questions 1 and 2, it is recommended that you update the firmware to the latest version, and then check whether the issue still exists. 
For question 3, please be aware that you must apply incremental updates to your current version. It can not upgrade to the newest update from your current version.
Please refer to the link below for further firmware update steps.
[Phone] How to update firmware on my phone? | Official Support | ASUS GlobalThank you.

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