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Sliding two fingers on the screen causes jitter.

Zen Master I
Rooted: No
APP Name: All applications that require two simultaneous touches to control.
Model: ZE620KL
Firmware/APP Version: Tested on several.
Frequency of Occurrence: Every time the user uses two fingers on the screen.

Hello, folks. I bought my Zenfone 5Z (4GB/64GB) recently, specifically to play some games that other devices that were within my budget wouldn't be able to handle. But I'm disappointed with a detail that, although it looks small, makes a huge difference to the gaming experience. Every time a game requires two fingers to control (usually first-person and third-person shooting games), the touch sensitivity doesn't allow me the precision I need for such games. I slide my left thumb on the left side of the screen to control the movement and my right thumb on the right side of the screen to control the aim, as the game requires. The problem appears when I try to aim while running. What you don't notice when you slide your fingers quickly, when I slide slowly (for greater accuracy) the screen doesn't respond as it should, generating a jittery stutter. To test more thoroughly, I downloaded the MultiTouch Tester app from Google Play. During the tests I was able to see that the problem happens when - specifically - two fingers are used. Not with one, not with three or more. I'm in the stable version of Android 10 that I downloaded from the official Asus website in my country. I was only able to update my device this way, since when it arrived (with Android 😎 I couldn't find firmware updates available. Anyway, I found this problem even when I was using the Android version that came from the factory on the device. Thanks in advance!

Zen Master I
Emilee_ASUS replied a post about this issue in April: 'til now it's not solved. 😞

Zen Master I
JonathanSR posted on 2020/1/4 09:39 same problem 🤣 ...
And it's not Google's issue. Galaxy S7 and S9+, LG G7 here at home don't feel the same when sniping in PUBG, nor even the PUBG as it happens playng any "twin stick control" game (Identity V, Call of Duty...) All games are in the latest version and it ever felt like that since I played on the versions before. Also, we have the MultiTouch Tester app showing the issue on the videos on one of my replies on this post. Happens too on Oreo, Pie and still in Q.

Zen Master I
Jei_ASUS posted on 2019/12/26 06:27 Hi Bruno~xD, For PUBG, our relevant team has confirmed that this would be an app issue and could ...
You saw JonathanSR's video above, Jei? It's the effect I described, happening too on Identity V, Call of Duty and any other "Twin Stick" game, Multitouch Tester app shows it's the touch, not a graphical issue. One finger or three will not show, so it's a matter of calibrating the act of slightly slide two fingers on the screen to not cause this (jitter,stutter,flick,delay,lag,idk) effect shown on video.

Star III
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Jei_ASUS posted on 2019/12/26 04:27 Hi Bruno~xD, For PUBG, our relevant team has confirmed that this would be an app issue and could ...
It's not on Tecent because it's not happening only on PUBG, the same issue is happening on every game controlled by 2 fingers. I'm also having this issue since day 1, and I have this phone since it's launch. It's a shame that after 2 big updates of Android it's not solved yet, makes me wonder if it's not the poor quality hardware of the touch panel that is causing this. Call of Duty, Free Fire, Identity V, PUBG MOBILE and any other game that you control movement and camera at the same time are showing this flickening. Any version of the games, so it's not those apps. It's the system or the hardware. Bruno~xD said this app (MultiTouch Tester) helps to show the issue in touch, and it really helps. First - Slightly slide one finger on panel (slowly) - It's smooth. Second - Do the same by holding two other fingers (so three fingers on panel, only one sliding) - Smooth. Third - Now try holding one finger and slightly slide another, slowly - Not smooth, it flicks, causing this "jittery stutter". (I don't know if it's the right name for it, it's the name Bruno used.) I'm starting a tech channel on YouTube and i'll be showing it better on a video about all the bugs I already faced in ZenFone devices. But don't ask me for more videos, Bruno and Jonathan gave you all the needed to get this 2 years old issue solved!