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missing button

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Phone: Zenfone 5ze620kl
I don't know what i did, but the manual rotate button on the bottom right screen is gone

Hi Rafliwijaya,
May I ask if you need to set the function of the screen to rotate automatically?
If so, please make sure that your device's firmware has been updated to the latest version, then go to [Settings] > [Display] > Check [auto-rotate screen] and flip the screen on the setting screen to confirm whether the function is normal.
If you need to manage the status bar icons, please refer to the following link.
[Phone] How to manage the status bar icons? | Official Support | ASUS GlobalIf no, please provide the details or screenshot of the question.

Star I
i meant, usually i rotate screen manually without turning on the auto rotate screen. but now i have to turn on auto rotate screen first
sorry if i get it wrong

Hi Rafliwijaya ,
May I ask if the screen rotation you mention is the screen adjustment when using apps or watching videos? Or is the screen rotated under what circumstances?
Typically, in order to manually rotate the screen, you must "turn off" the auto-rotate feature.
If you have to "turn on" the auto-rotate feature to manually rotate the screen, it is recommended that you back up your data and reset your device.
Or please provide a video of your operation and the issue present for further assistance.
Thank you.

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