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Low volume over tws earbuds in zenphone 5z

Star I
I have bose sport earbuds, when I connect these with Asus 5Z over bluetooth the volume is very low for both music n call. The same earbuds when connected with realme X have a much higher volume. Even the handset speaker volume has decresed in Asus 5Z



Zen Master III
Hi there, kindly follow the below steps:
check with another Bluetooth earphones and see if there is any issue.
check with wired earphones and see if there is any change.
kindly let us know if there is any change in the behavior of the sound after the above tests.

Star I
Like I said the audio volume is good ony realme X mobile but ear buds when connected to Asus 5Z volume is almost half what I get on realme x device. Ppl don't own multiple bluetooth headsets, except a few. So it was chkd on 2 different devices. When wired earphones are connected the volume is higher that bluetooth buds but lower than what I get on realme x. I have tested wired earphones Asus one which are in the box, boat 225, jbl c50hi, rha earbuds n Sennheiser cx180

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I also feel the same when connected to car audio. Bluetooth connectivity sucks in Asus 5z

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Asus team never accepts there are bugs/issues with bluetooth in 5z. They will keep asking irrelevant questions and provide suggestions which are of no use and keep giving excuses.