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Hotspot keeps disconnecting constantly from my pc

Star I

Model Name: Zenphone 5
Firmware Version: Not mentionned in phone
Rooted or not: ???
Frequency of Occurrence: Every 30min/hour

As the title describes, the Asus Zenfone5 hotspot keeps disconnecting every 30min/hour from my pc for a duration of approximately 1min15 sec. My pc connection still shows ''connected'' to the hotspot during that period. During that period, the phone itself still has perfect connection.
The problem does not come from my internet provider, it is the phone I am 100% sure as I have alerady tried comparing with other phones that I own, for which the hotspots work flawlessly.
My Asus Zenfone5 is brand new.
Updates are all done.
I am the only user of the hotspot.

Greetings. Thanks for your time.

Zen Master I
Hi anthonywelsh40,
Please provide your firmware version: Settings > System > About Phone > Software information
Have you checked if this appears when sharing the hotspot with other devices? Could you tell us the brand, model, and OS of your PC?
Please tell us the name of your network provider and your country.
Thank you 🙂