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Contacts sync with Outlook contacts lost and recovered after s/w update

Rising Star I
Model: ZE620KL
Firmware/APP Version:
Frequency of Occurrence: once
Rooted: No
APP Name: Contacts App

I would like to inform about a small issue encountered and the solution found after the update to the new sofware version this morning. The issue: after the update to Android Version was completed and the phone rebooted, the Contacts App was correctly showing the Gmail and WahtsApp contacts but the synced Outlook contacts were no longer shown. The solution: opening one contact in Outlook (Outlook Mail App on the phone itself) and clicking on one contact to modify it, I was asked if I wanted to sync with Gmail. Stating yes the sync process started, after which the Contact App was showing again all the Outlook sync contacts. (I think it is rather frequent that these sync issues happen after a software upgrade, I wanted only to inform about the solution found in my case, perhaps it may help)

Star I
How find my all contacts to my ASUS_X00BD but it lost?

Rising Star I
I am afraid I cannot help. I do not have an ASUS X00BD phone, I do not know its specifications.
In general an Android phone takes the contacts which are listed in the Contacts of your Google account. You should make sure to have the contacts in your Google account and to have the phone registered on the same Google account.
In my specific case, I keep all sync in Outlook on my PC so I need to ensure that Outlook is synced with Google on the phone. This worked out activating Gmail on the phone and modifying a contact in Outlook on the phone itself, so the synchronization took place and the contacts app of Asus was correctly listing both outlook and google contacts.