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Please add Nightshot in asus 5z

Model: RAM: Firmware/APP Version: Frequency of Occurrence: Rooted: APP Name: Screenshot: We all know asus 5z have good camera (12mp). Day light pic is very good,but when it come with night then it take poor shot.i think its a software algorithm issu...

Zenphone old themes

I have a Zenfone 5 lite 5q and I had to reset my phone my free downloaded favorite theme no longer shows up. The ones I paid for do. how do I get back a theme from last year if I don't know the name? It was a white flower on a burgundy background I n...

bug error

Model: ZE620KLRAM: 4GFirmware/APP Version: PPR1.180610.009.WW_Phone-16.0611.1901.1-0Frequency of Occurrence: hey there. my device is asus zenfone 5 X00QD. but why it's write as asus zenfone 2 laser? can anyone help me. thanksRooted: NoAPP Name: asus ...

Navigation bar

Pa tulong naman naman po baka may alam kayo kung matanggal yung navigation bar sa home screen. Salamat po

Kurang puas dengan update P

Model: ZE620KLRAM: 4GFirmware/APP Version: 16.0611.1901.1Frequency of Occurrence: AlwaysRooted: NoAPP Name: Last edited by arya182 on 2019/2/24 22:48 Cuma ingin berkeluh kesah gan, semenjak update android P bbrapa hari yg lalu, zenfone 5 ane jadi ...

arya182 by Star I
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Problems on Pie

Model: ZS620KLRAM: 6GFirmware/APP Version: WW_ZS620KL_90.10.138.181_20190202Frequency of Occurrence: AlwaysRooted: NoAPP Name: ZenUII decided to reset the device recently and now every time I try to group icons on the desktop, they do not group toget...

audio wizard cannot be customized ritghtly

Model: ZE620KLRAM: 4GFirmware/APP Version: audio wizardFrequency of Occurrence: alwaysRooted: NoAPP Name: audio wizard Last edited by keyuekangaroo on 2019/2/24 22:35 I have upgraded to the latest version of Android Pie a fews days ago, and resset ...

Scheduled charging not working

Model: ZE620KLRAM: 4GFirmware/APP Version: WW_16_0611_1901_1Frequency of Occurrence: AlwaysRooted: NoAPP Name: Why is the 'scheduled charging' feature not working anymore? Its been like this since the pie update. The new update didn't solve it either...

raeon8 by Star I
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Data connection very slow.

Model: ZE620KLRAM: 3GFirmware/APP Version: WW_16_0611_1901_1Frequency of Occurrence: PermanentRooted: NoAPP Name: Hi Asus, I moved from Italy to Denmark for work, unfortunately arrived in Denmark I had to find that the data connection of the phone w...

ZenFone 5z screen drag

Hello, I haver an issue with the latest system update of ZenFone 5z. Sometimes it seems that it starts to Run slow, going has far has making the apps Run slower to the Point of having what it seems a screen drag. Any thoughts? Has anyone else had thi...