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Banding issue with 5z in apps which use camera.

Star III
When I use any apps which uses camera there comes moving vertical lines on my screen and it vanish. Then again it wil come in between.
I think it's bcz of banding issue. Am from India , so I need 50hz antibanding(standard electricity frequency in india is 50hz). Bt instead 5z default is 60hz(I assume). I can change antiflickering to 50hz in asus camera app so that vertical lines go away bt that doesn't hav any impact on other apps which uses camera like CamScanner, whatsapp camera etc. I think if u make 5z default antibanding to 50hz for indian through an ota update then this issue will get solved.
I hav attached a video so that u will get more clarity on vertical moving lines.

Star I
Yeah. I hav that same problem.
Y mod didn't replied to this post till now.

Star I
Same here. Hope they will see your post .

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When will next update come? This phone's update will end soon. If they want to do make any change they shud do it right now.

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Was that software issue?