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After update to 10th

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Model: ZS620KL
Firmware/APP Version: WW100.04.44.98_20191115
Frequency of Occurrence: Everyday
Rooted: No
APP Name: System,Apps

Good day. I like Asus products a lot, but... I'm an advanced Android user and l know what the bugs are (thanks to Xiaomi, and other). I'd like to write a report on Android, Zenfone 5z. There are a lot of bugs after upgrading it to the 10th version. 1) Earlier I wrote on the forum about automatic flip of the screen to the landscape mode after ending the call. It was on Android 9. I sent a bugreport but unfortunately nothing has changed. It seems, this bug became more frequent. 2) Smart-rington works terribly. It immediately turns the volume up to the maximum. On Android 9 it worked better. 3) Now the phone catches the network worse, it switches from 3g to the 4g 4) Fingerprint scanner started working slower than on Android 9. It was quicker before. 5) The phone consumes charge faster then it was on Android 9, I think on 1-2%. 6) Animation is lagging in the developer menu These are the main points that i wanted to mention and report on. The main question: why was it necessary to launch upgrade which is not well prepared I'm disappointed and can't advise Asus to my friends for them to purchase it I bought Asus , as i thought , for good quality and high quality software. I chose and obtained your product but apparently got not a better one than any other phones. I really hope something will change!

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True af, i didnt experience the call one (point 1,3) because my phone still dont have signal im using wifi right now this has been a problem for a long time. And for fingeprint mine didnt even work once, it work when i restarted. Last time using asus brand for mobile. Gj asus for releasing bad update everytime

The only negative thing I've noticed in this update is here: I didn't find any difference in the battery, on the contrary it seems to me to be a bit improved. However, I read that the cause could be not Andoid 10 but Play Store. If you have version 18.3.82 of Play Store this could be the cause (

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Hi l1ghting23, 1. Please perform the SMMI test and check if the GSensor is working normally. SMMI test: Calculator > enter ".12345+=" > Single Test > GSensor. 2. We have checked with the relevant team about this, and we will provide you the information once we receive any news on this. Thank you :) 3. Please tell us more about the network problem. Do you mean it turns from 4g to 3g sometimes? Were you in a different location when this happens? 4. Please try removing the previous fingerprint data and set them up again. If the problem still appears, please tell us whether it feels slower when you're trying to unlock the phone while the screen is on/off. 5. Is there any app that consumes more battery? Is this appearing when the phone is in use or in sleep mode. 6. Could you tell us what kind of animation is lagging? Could you show us a short video of the problem? This could help us look into the problem greatly. To share videos, please upload it to ASUS WebStorage ( and share the link with us. Please help us with the above questions if possible. Thank you 🙂

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Last edited by l1ghting23 on 2019/12/27 10:12 Okay , I try it may be today.