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[5z] Justice to flagship, Atleast zenui 7 top of Android 10 OR Android 11 top of zenui 6

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Model Name: 5z
Firmware Version:
Rooted or not: not
Frequency of Occurrence: forever
APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): system
Time has come ASUS has started beta testing for 6z as its regular cycle why skip 5z as a flagship i personally feel 5z is best device ASUS has made till date with lesser hardware issues comparing 6z n rog series also 5z is most sold smartphone till date for ASUS in flagship range m happy with dedicated support till date for 5z and still ongoing for more few months
But as a flagship owner want to tell ASUS that is 5z really worth to be called as flagship 👇
1.No vowifi
2.No prime hd
4.No camera UI improvements even after Zenui 6
5.No dedicated nightmode for capable sensor in camera app
6.Touch panel stutters in games exists since Android 8 (which we and mods are still fighting to get fix from devs )
even after several requests since months from 5z users no hard push from ASUS for 5z users why? No requested features are seen
If thats fine not to give it to 5z owners than its ok
But to fill this huge gap can asus make us happy with surprising decision like more 6 months update cycle with implementations like atleast providing
*ZENUI 7 on Android 10 itself
*Android 11/R on top of ZENUI 6 itslef
I wish atleast ASUS will reconsider our request and justice 5z as a flagship before ending up support to 5z
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Everytime we ask some important missing features you decline it by saying you didn't sold much devices as OnePlus or Xiaomi and it's not in your hands again and again. Do know that when Asus is newer or say very less popular among smartphone brand we as a users invested our hard earned money in your smartphones.
Let's just say Exactly how many new features did you gave us since the Android 10 arrived in October 2019? "ZERO"
A10 was so buggy that even after 10 months and 6 security updates there's still some bugs remaining and every time you give us some fix there's always another new bugs on new update.
It's not like we are asking for some non realistic features but some basic features which are already on the lower budget phones which released before 5z. You told us it's not possible to implement AR Core, we accepted but now you're denying every request to implement basic features.
The reason that OnePlus sold million device is that because of their commitment towards thier Smartphone userbase, timely updates and new features. They also promised 2 major OS updates for 5 & 6 but they provided A10 on OP5 & will provide A11 on OP6. They care for their users not ignore them like you do.
Ohh..did i mentioned how pathetic your hardware is? Almost every 5z you sold has atleast one defect from this list. 1. Main camera can't focus 2. Network problem 3.B&W stripes while using Wide angle or selfie camera.
Please give us A11 or atleast Zenui 7 With all necessary features.

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Yes, Please give us the android 11 or atleast Zenui 7 update for zenfone 5z. I agree this is the best Asus phone yet it kickstarted Asus again in the Indian market, so it will be good justice to the phone!!
If not Android 11 or Zenui 7, the least you can do is give the below features:
1. HD streaming for Prime as already 6z does stream HD content on prime video!! 2. A night mode to the camera as this has even the OIS functionality which helps in low light.

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Well as a flagship phone we should expect some more features right? And more priorities than midrange phones. So Asus midrange phones are all set to get A10 and they are having vowifi support also then what is the difference between a midrange phone and flagship phones for Asus? They are getting extra feature like vowifi even they are not flagship devices then what about 5z? Midrange phones are getting more features than a flagship then why would we buy a flagship phone? I am a Asus user since 2016 and I love Asus smartphones but 5z is lacking way behind in terms of software(We are getting only bug fixes with security patches from past 1year). We have accepted the truth that we are not going to get any vowifi, prime HD and AR core support. So now it's Asus turn to make us surprise by giving A11 on top of Zenui6 or Zenui7 on top of A10. 5z is the most selling device on flagship segment for Asus so please don't let 5z users down.
Snapdragon 845 chip is capable to run zenui7 or A11. So please provide us one of them.
Surprise us with updates we will definitely buy your future products.

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I hope asus can provide 3 years of os updates as it was made easy by google nd market leadee Samsung is doing it..
May be it's time..

Asus gave 2 updates to its mid ranger zenfone 3.
Hope 5z is no less...

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5Z should get one more major update at least....