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[5z] Double Tap To Wake Up

Star III
Look at this !
This is the proof that double tap to wake up gesture is broken after updating to latest OTA .123
There isn't any third-party apps which trigger this issue/bug.
After Turning off-on, It works perfectly as you can see in the video.
Hope You can now understand and do needful into this as it is not convenient or practical for the users who use is.
And it is not any hardware fault because it is being faced by many users right now.
Thank you.
@Christine_ASUS @Anders_ASUS @Anders

Star I
Guys i am also facing the same double tap issue and along with that i am facing proximity sensor issue too, my auto brightness function is not working also when i answer the call the screen stays awake.
I cleared system ui cache also but no difference (system ui storage clear option is not available).
Any idea about this? @amitbajpai19 @Titan_ASUS @kikoly @Mister @laura50123 @CH_ASUS @fussion_ASUS or any other user?