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Zenfone 10 - VoLTE not working in Australia after Android 14 update

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Bought the Zenfone 10 at the start of the year, VoLTE was working fine on Vodafone Australia up until the last Android 14 update (34.1004.0204.120). Now I cannot make or receive calls. Vodafone support said to buy a new device. A search shows that many people have had this issue with Asus phones over many years and still Asus haven't figured out how to make their phones compatible with major carriers in countries where their phones are sold at retailers!


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Hi m8, Im having the same issue. I live in S.Korea and both VoLTE and LTE were down after the Android 14 update :(. Is your mobile network still working?

Hi mate, I'm sorry to hear that you are having the same issue. Mine resolved itself a week later when a second system update was released. Make sure you have the latest update. 

You can use this app called 'VoLTE Check' to diagnose if it's working or not.

If it's still not working after system update contact your mobile network carrier via support chat.

Hey @namngh,

Could you please mention the name of your network provider?