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Zenfone 10 unlock bootloader does not work!

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I received my Zenfone 10 today and tried to unlock the bootloader with the Asus unlock app The app failed with error code 24803. Is there a newer/working version of the app or are there other ways to unlock the bootloader?

I'am really disappointed that this does not work because the ability to unlock the bootloader and root the device was the main reason I bought the Asus instead of other high-end smartphones like the Samsung S23 or the Xiaomi 13.


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I'll get my Zenfone 10 tomorrow.....
Zenfone 10 would be perfect to flash some custom ROMs.....
To do this, however, the bootloader would have to be open.......
Please asus supports the developers

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I am thinking to cancel my Asus Zenfone 10 preorder. It has been past many weeks but still no sign or any update from Asus . It seems Asus doesn't care about customers. I preorder Asus Zenfone 10 for development and now it is not possible to unblock the bootloader. 


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I bought the Zenfone not even knowing it's not possible to unlock bootloader now. Phone is quite useless without it, even though it is great itself.

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Yes please, I'm looking into buying the Zenfone 10 because I really like it, but I'm waiting for a custom rom to be available before spending all of my money on it.

I'm a privacy focused user, I need to unlock the bootloader to degoogle my devices. Funnily enough the Pixels are the easiest ones to degoogle, but I'm tired of big ass smartphones.

Asus please let us use this beautiful smartphone the way we prefer, thank you.

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I was planning to buy the Zenfone 10 but after a quick search it looks like they plan on not allowing users to root their phone anymore 💀

Shame on you Asus. Won't be buying it if that's turns out to be true.