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Zenfone 10 Global version, it is better than if it is just some region?

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Hi all,

I see some internet sellers selling "Global Version" of ZF10.
I also see some post of people saying "I'll wait for the US version".

My question is, would global version be better/worse? eg: Wouldn't global version mean it will work on all network bands? therefore better?
What does global version even mean?

Another question. For global version, would Google Wallet (aka Google Pay/Android Pay) work?

Years ago I bought a Xiaomi phone, and when I try to add my Australian credit card into Google Pay, it says "This card can't be added." Did hours of research, only to find our this Xiaomi phone is "China version", and China don't do Google Pay. Never buying anything Xiaomi again.



Hey @bhireg0,

The global and country-specific versions of the phone generally refer to variations of the phone model that are designed to be compatible with different regions or markets around the world. 

The global version comes with broad network compatibility, supporting a wide range of cellular bands and frequencies used by various carriers around the world. Whereas a local version of a phone is tailored specifically for a particular country or region. It has certain features, specifications, or network compatibility optimized for that specific market. So certain apps might not be available on the local version of the phone.

As for your other question, yes, the phone will support Google Wallet.

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You can find the supported 4G and 5G bands of the global and US versions online. US version has a couple bands the global version doesn't have and vice versa. The global version supports a few more bands but those aren't necessarily US specific bands. So if you're in the US simply get the US version and if not get the global version.