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Weird display "flash" / Colour tone change

Star I

I received my ZF 10 yesterday. I noticed, that on some actions the screen kinda flashes or changes the display tone for a second (to a more cold, blue tone) and it's a bit irritating. I mostly notice it when writing a dot (.) or using the enter key, with GBoard and swiftkey. It happens on other occasions as well, but not really consistently. Is that intentional behaviour? Is it possible to turn it off?



Hey @mufas12,
Can you please share a picture of the issue?

So first of all, this is a question I asked on reddit, are people just reposting these over here without mentioning the origin?

Regarding the topic, this seems to be a software issue, caused by different hue on 120/60Hz (those are the same) and 90Hz (is significantly more blueish) when the auto refresh rate is selected. You can easily replicate and see it when using the phone in dark mode. From what I've read, this has also been an issue with the ZF9 and it would be very appreciated, if it was possible to address this in a future update, as it makes the auto refresh rate feature practically unusable when dark mode is on.