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Update policy? How long will the Zenfone 10 be getting security patches in the USA?

Star II

Now that it's out, I still can't find any official information how long security patches will be offered (VERY important) and how many Android version it will get (less important). 

I've seen some rumors and screenshots from other countries, but there is no official info I can find. Would be great if it were part of the technical specs listed for every product. Or, hey, how about boasting with it on the main product page? After 3 years, I care less about the difference between a 5000 mAh and 4500 battery than whether I will still have support.

Everyone is talking about sustainability, but we're forced to upgrade our phones every few years, for no other reason than missing security patches. How about offering added, paid support in the form of security updates, not just paid extended warranties for the hardware? 


Star II

Well, turns out you do get answers if you ask ASUS via the chat function, even though it took them 2 days to get back to me by email... It's official: 4 years of security patches. (See image)


This is not enough. minimum accepted should be 10 years.
Up your game Asus, we believe in you!