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when will the bootloader unlocking tool be back in use

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ZF10 is fairly good device, but when will you be able to restore the bootloader unlock tool?

Given the current delays, I'm very skeptical of the veracity of the rumors circulating that the tool will be back in use in Q3

Right now this product is in unavailable status for me, it's just a brick


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Official staff said Q3,
recent report suggests could be slightly delayed to October.

i pre-ordered it back in July coz Asus' promise of re-release bootloader.
we can just hope Asus is trustworthy enough to keep their word.

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@LinerFWZ @mitsunari0003 

It probably won't be, because Asus canceled the development of ZenFone phones and will only develop the ROG Phone.  It is said to be a restructuring of the entire Asus.  Too bad they canceled this great line.  I am very happy with the ZenFone 9 and before that the ZenFone 5.