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Suggestion Thread

Star III

Hello! I have a few suggestions, maybe this can become the compilation thread?

1. Lock screen

When you've set the clock size as large for the lock screen it will still display the small clock when you've have a notification. The notification in itself is also pretty high up on the screen.

My suggestion is either make the notifications be displayed more in the lower/center part of the screen for easier access. Or just display the large clock when there's an notification so it naturally falls in the lower/center part of the screen.



2: Add more system shortcuts, like flashlight etc in the Edge Tools

3. Return of the notification preview?

I remember that Asus phones had a real notification preview (against a black screen) some years ago, it was quite handy imo. There are third-party apps that sorts this out like AoDNotify, but I'd rather have it built in the software.

The current preview is simply that the phone lights up on the lock screen.




Star III

Always on Display

I feel like the AoD on my Sony phone is way more useful

1. It's a bit brighter in the same ambient setting, making it easier to read the time/notification

2. The Sony displays the notification icons much more in the center of the screen, instead of the top left as the Asus.

3. Media files shows an album cover/song name  instead of an icon, on Asus it along with the icon for connected headphones gets treated like a notifaction icon.



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Community Manager
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