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Still NO ASUS "Unlock Device App"??

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As a long-term customer of Asus devices, I am honestly baffled by the fact that Asus simply cut the possibility of unlocking the bootloader for (not only) the Asus Zenfone 9.

I consider this a major setback for myself as I fully intended to take advantage of unlocking the bootloader of my device to be able to fully utilize its capabilities via third-party code. I am well aware that such actions are not recommended by unauthorized personnel. However, simply cutting this possibility is a sad thing to do.

I will continue watching this situation closely. However, I will strongly re-evaluate my loyalty to this brand as I do not understand these actions, and the communication has been poor, let alone the action itself, which is mind-boggling, to say the least. I would expect such behavior from a low-level Chinese brand, not from Asus. Like I said, the future will tell how you decide to handle this mess in the end, but the signs are not looking good.

It has been months now since we have not been able to unlock our bootloaders. No explanation, no communication, only a vague "Q3 maybe" from a moderator. Appalling, really.


Some companies care about their customers, solve their problems and consider themselves responsible, but there are some companies that don't care and only want your money (which are mostly Chinese), maybe these companies will make alot of money in a short time. They produce a lot, but one day they will go bankrupt because they don't have sponsors anymore and they are alone

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I will sell my Asus Phone.