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People hear echo while on speaker mode on zenfone 10

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Anyone has found a solution to this problem? It seems it has been ongoing since at least Zenfone 8... Is it hardware or software?


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We need a solution for it.

People ask me to stop using speaker because they hear their voice back


Hey @Da_ny,

Could you please provide the following information along with a  Log for "sound, phone voice, and recording"?

1. Which communication app or phone app are you currently using?
2. Could you describe the issue by the other party's phone experiences (continuous echo/broken echo/sharp, distorted noise)?
3. Where is the phone placed (held in hand/on a table/on a couch/away from you)?
4. Describe the background environment (indoor/quiet/noisy/in a car/in a bathroom).
5. Is there anything obstructing the microphone at the top (e.g., gestures/protective case)?
6. what is the customary volume setting (low/medium/high) during speakerphone calls?
7. When the echo occurs, do you suddenly change the position of the phone (e.g., from holding it to placing it on a table)?

You can capture the log and share it with me via PM.