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People hear echo while on speaker mode on zenfone 10

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Anyone has found a solution to this problem? It seems it has been ongoing since at least Zenfone 8... Is it hardware or software?



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The Echo are so bad that I had to use my old phone in some online meetings. And people ask me to stop using speaker phone when I call them.

Software version 33.0220.0220.52

I am also having this problem and am on speakerphone all the time. ASUS? Any suggestions? I also get red/pink lines across videos. Otherwise a great phone but this is unworkable. 

For the moment I solved it with an Jabra bluetooth speaker phone, but then people i talk with tease me to have crapy selfiecamera. I get green hair and some called me Schrek. Phone is nice except that speaker phone doesn't work for meeting apps like teams, Viber, Google Meet, zoom, whatsup and more. Selfie camera is bad and when I'm in car its a lottery if i can use bluetooth or Android auto for phone calls.

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Same issue. Version 33.0220.0220.52