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Not receiving calls

Star I

I get voicemails consistently but some times my phone will not receive calls. My wife will call me a dozen times for example to help me find my phone and it will not ring nor show missed calls. If she leaves a voicemail that shows up but no missed call. It seems to stop being a problem for a bit if I make an outgoing call. For example, she calls me and I don't get anything on my end (except voicemail) then I call her and it rings on her end, then she calls me and it works again. This problem seems to be with other numbers also and keeps recurring. In Canada on the Bell network. Any solutions would be greatly appreciated because I may have to just waste the $1000+ and buy another phone if this keeps up. SUPER DISAPPOINTED IN THIS PHONE



Hey @jataayu1,

Can you share your device's FW version?