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No Augmented Reality (AR) for Zenfone 10?

Star II

Hi. I pre-ordered the Asus Zenfone 10 and got it a month ago when it was released in Sweden. My favorite game is Pokemon GO, but unfortunately AR (Augmented Reality) does not work so I can not do all parts of the game. Noticed something about the device not being supported by ARCore and trying to download the app "Google Play Services for AR" says it is not compatible with my phone. Is AR really not supposed to work on such a high performance (and expensive) smartphone? Or is something wrong with my phone? It works on so many phones, but not Zenfone 10.


I was just wondering if there has been any progress. This sounds promising. Keeping my fingers crossed it is fixed soon.

Thank you for the information!

Star I

Did the Asus Update from early october. Still no AR. Googleplay systemupdate is September 2023. Deviceupdate is unchanged August 2023

I got system update yesterday, version ww_33.0220.0220.75.

update AR service on play store, then

Pokemon Go AR+ works!


Now I just need my phone to start working. It has been constantly rebooting and 3 times it has gone completely dead, so it has been sent to be repaired. Also it refused to do updates while it was still working.

Star I

Oh yes some restarts and it's finally there. Thank you Asus!