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Lost Phone Service After Android 14 Update for Zenfone 10

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Is anyone else having this issue? I am currently using ATT Prepaid and it worked fine under Android 13. I called ATT to reset the service but I lost service again after 10 minutes. 


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Sometimes it helps to select the network manually instead of automatically. Had the same issue with different phones using roaming.

Installed the Android 14 update today and immediately lost service (also ATT but on a plan). Restarted, removed the sim, went to the ATT store and got the sim card replaced but it was gone again within 10 minutes.

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Update: Yesterday, I thought that it was an issue with the phone.  I tested my friend's sim card and he uses T-Mobile. I had phone service with no outages. Today, I was in East Los Angeles and I ended up having service with the ATT sim card. I had no outages for hours. Going to Hollywood, I lost service again. I ended up turning on and off Airplane Mode. Then quickly, I turned off 5G. Now I have service again and I have no outages so far. Will contact ATT soon.   

Another update: tried the airplane mode/5g toggle, which seemed to work (although toggling the sim seems to bring it back for a couple minutes). Before I could lose it again I found the setting mentioned earlier to set the network manually (Network & Internet -> Internet -> gear icon next to sim -> disable Automatically select network -> choose AT&T) Hasn't failed again yet, but I'm not sure which of those two did it.