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How has your experience been with the ZF10?

Star I

I have been looking for a phone and Asus Zenfone 10 has caught my eye. What has been your experience with it and maybe list some pros and cons, thanks!


Star III

I've had my ZenFone 10 a few months now and really have little to complain about.  No phone is perfect of course. The headphone jack I have not used yet, some really appreciate that being there. So that may be a plus. For me the size is the biggest plus. I don't like large phones, they seem to be getting bigger all the time. The screen is sharp and crisp and looks great. The phone is very smooth and quick and seems to have plenty of RAM. The speakers sound good. Reception on AT&t is excellent. Whether or not you get Wi-Fi calling is determined by your provider so if that's an issue you may not get it. I learned on this forum there is a code that can be inputted for AT&t subscribers to activate Wi-Fi calling. That could be helpful in certain circumstances but ordinarily I wouldn't need it. Using a phone without a case is preferred for me and this phone is excellent in that regard. Very grippy back side. Updates are sporadic and you never know when they're coming. Case in point, my phone was 3 months behind on security patches then all of a sudden I was caught up. If that's important having up-to-date security you may not have that with the ZenFone. For me personally there are more upsides than downsides with this device. Phone was released last summer so I would suggest going to the front of the forum and looking through all The comments and questions about the ZenFone 10. What's some determine is a bad thing doesn't affect me and may not affect someone else. As an example some are angry about the bootloader being locked still as it was supposed to be unlocked by now. That's a big deal to some I can take it or leave it so it doesn't bother me, So it's best to just educate yourself on what people think is bad and what they like and be your own judge from there in determining your purchase. One positive note, the prices have come down so that's good. I would recommend the phone to a friend.