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Hello Laura@. Hello Asus.

Rising Star I

The desire of any company is to sell more products. For this the product has to attract the customer. The Zenfone 9 and 10 have everything to attract. Compact and good (I have never had problems with Z8 and Z9). There are no other phones with the features of Zenfone 9 and 10.

But.... now with Android 14 there is a problem that may stop anyone from buying Zenfone: you can't go back to Android 13. You can't unlock the bootloader. Everyone requests unlocking. Even Zenfone 8 if you could. Because now no?

Asus, do you want to sell more phones?
Too easy! Unlock.
People want your phones but not with restrictions.

I have always had good communication with Laura @ and I want to ask her a question if she can answer:
Is unlocking planned?
I need (we need) to know to continue or not with my Zenfone 9.
Please Laura@, answer us.😘

Thank you.


Star III

So its seems officiall bootloader unlock never come back its dead. In UK they prefer to refund instead of releasing the unlock tool