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Star I

Hi Asus Zenfone team, 

Its high time you give us Zenfone fans, more choices in font selection etc. In Zenfone 10, there're only 6 fonts to choose from and unlike Zenfone 9 that a custom font package can be installed, Zenfone 10 doesn't allow such font choice expansion. This is unfair. OneUI provides the capacity to install fonts from the Samsung Galaxy store app. Wouldn't it be a good idea to also provide us with a similar Zenfone-like app store that we can download fonts and other apks? 


Rising Star II

Only six? At least in ZF10 you have three more fonts than in ZF9.

I haven't tried installing an apk...


From Zenfone 9 (16x256)@Android 13 > 33.0804.2060.204
(I apologize for my Bing English...)

With Zenfone 9, an XDA font apk package can be installed thereby expanding font choices (this should ideally be able to be downloaded from a Zenfone/ROG-like app store, just like Samsung Galaxy app store that fonts and other useful apks can be downloaded from, but it isn't).

With the Zenfone 10, that particular XDA font apk package that works in Zenfone 9, doesn't work in Zen 10. I'm not able to select my usual font, "Dialog Light Latin". I tried to see whether other custom fonts can work too but nothing was successful. 

Hey @High_Chief,
Thank you for your feedback. I have forwarded your suggestion to the R&D department.

Hi Mansi_ASUS, 

Thanks for the forwarding. Having come from Samsung phones to Zenfone 9 and now, the 10, I'm of the honest view that Zenfones deserve a much more customizable UI.