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China Phones Xiaomi much better support then ASUS!

Rising Star I

To date, no statement from Asus regarding the bootloader tool... not even the beta update Android 14 is available for all regions. Updates and support from every other manufacturer are worlds better see xiaomi, I'm very disappointed with Asus! Every China phone is better!

Can not be that hard...... bootloader tool yes or no?


Star II

I sadly have to agree. I really want to get my hands on a Zenfone 10 but I also want to degoogle my phone and only 2 years of software support for 800€ is literally a joke.

The Pixel 8 offers 7 years of updates and an unlockable bootloader out of the box, the only reason I haven't bought it yet it's for the UFS 3.1 and cheap Xiaomi phones have better support than even the Rog Phones.

Rising Star I

Look at Fairphone 5........👍

I know about it already, but I want a compact device with at least a good screen and modern specs. For the time being I'll keep my Poco F3.