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Button with label "See in chat" does nothing in the messages app

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Screenshot (24 Mar 2024 9_05_18 am).jpg

I want to be able to use the messages app without damages and without painful confusion but basic functionality is not there. For example, there is no simple way to go to the beginning, there is no simple way to export a chat and I can't even press the button labeled "See in chat" for an image or a video. So it becomes impossible to manage the chat history, even though it is a very basic feature. I can only assume it was done on purpose to make it more expensive for the customer e.g. searching for support and pay for a solution to the problem that the company sold to me. 

I thought Samsung and Apple created atrocities with their products so I switched to Asus and the Zenfone causes a lot of damage and extremely painful confusion, but at least it is not as harmful as Apple or Samsung. 


Screenshot (24 Mar 2024 9_04_34 am).jpg


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Can you try and stop blaming the customer and stop arguing WHY there is a defect, and instead show some effort in solving the problem that Asus are taking money for creating, and then blaming the customer

What are u even talking about dude?? Who is blaming u?

And what do you even want? I hope a mod can understand u


Hi @ddac,

I'll be submitting this issue to the R&D department. However, could you please tell me when did first notice this issue?

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Does the billion-dollar company even acknowledge the bug report from a paying customer? 

I can't even report this bug because there is no customer support. I only get to know that I must start over and start from the beginning somewhere else.
I wrote both to Asus and Google. Both companies blame the customer and write that the customer must start from the beginning in an infinite loop of confusion and pain. There was no attempt at solving the bug, not even documenting it.
I have written and reported the bug five or six times but I only get back a list that I must work with the bug myself. It's like a parody.