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Adaptive brightness

Zen-10.  16gig 512gb.    Build,  ww_33.0220.0220.52.  Android 13.  screen 90hz, eye protection on.Adaptive brightness is turned on.After being turned on (indoors), screen is dim, dim that i can barely see. need to manually increase brightness.   outd...

Disable drop down menu

Is there a way to disable the quik drop down menu and the power off option while phone is locked??? Anyone can turn off your phone or put it on airplane if you lose it.

my bank apps are unstable and not working

Hello,I am from India and bought the phone while I was in the UK. The HDFC and Indusind bank apps aren't working suddenly. They keep crashing within seconds of opening them. I have had to resort to using my old phone to keep transactions going. This ...

Thoughts on the ASUS Zenfone 10 as an upgrade?

The 4a is the best phone I've ever owned, but with my phone slowing down, its battery slowly losing capacity and end of support quickly approaching, I'm thinking of upgrading soon.The Zenfone 10 looks like a great option as it shares some of my favou...

Zenfone 10 Draining battery issue

Overnight with 100% battery waking up to 80%.Bought the phone a couple of weeks ago, great battery power. 3 days between charging. Then after first update it's draining fast. Android 13, Zenfone 10 all brand new. This is unsatisfied. 

Notification vibration and AOD works only while charging

For vibration: more specifically only the alarm clock works correctly. All others, like touch feedback, notification and ringing, hardware test, etc doesn't work when the phone is not charging.Has anyone encountered this strange behaviour like me?

Sim Card can't be detected.

Dropped my Zenfone 10 and now it's like my SIM card isn't even in the phone. What can I do? I tried clearing the SIM tool app and still nothing. I cut out some paper (in the shape of the SIM) and still nothing. I am at a lost. It's still under warran...

Accidental locking

When the ZF10 is locked and the screen is on I often tend to press the power button to unlock instead of just touching the button. It's nice to have the fingerprint reader integrated with the power button but it is a bit difficult to train two parall...

Zenfone 10 Disappointing bugs.

1. I have been experiencing issues with NFC relating to Google Wallet. At some terminals it just won't work at all despite spending a couple of minutes trying. These terminals are always the same. Most of the time it works very well to average. Some ...

KennyK by Star II
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Should I wait before buying the zenfone 10 ?

I am considering to buy a new phone as my oneplus 6 is slowly dying.I watched the reviews of the zenfone 10 from MKBHD, shortcircuit and Dave2D last month and was really hyped by this phone.However, some say the cameras are a downgrade from last year...

ryuk6 by Star I
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