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Battery drain

Star III

Hii have a wierd battery problem on my zenfone 10. Every time a charge it to 100 battery drains quickly from 100 to about 80-90 and estimate battery left around 7 hours. If i set stop at 80 battery is ok and time left is 1 day Anybody with same problem?


Star III

i set my limit at 90.
casual user, some web browsing (usual under wifi), mp3 player, without gaming;
System mode: Dynamic
lose 50% of battery in 24 hours.

currently battery at 87%, my phone claims "more than 2 days left"

Mine is the same. Only drain when i charge to 100. Not every time but 2 or 3 charge i get drain

Star I

While Playing the mod apk game, my battery drain is very low because these are free from Ads. That is the main cause to drain your battery.

What this have nothing to do with game. 

Second charge now in row with battery drain!