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Batery Usage monitoring Z10 Disappeared

Star II

Hi All, 

I got my Z10 a month ago and everything is so good. Until this morning when i want to see, what apps that consume the most batery usage in menu setting->battery->batery usage just blank like this


 why this happen?


Star I

I also just found this out yesterday. Not just that, but individual app's "App battery usage" is also grayed out, meaning I'm no longer able to change an app's battery optimization strategy anymore. A restart and complete cache clearing didn't help. 


Hmmm. I hope just a software bug so it will be solved by an update to fix this.

Interesting how it broke for both of us relatively at the same time when there hasn't been any software update from Asus for this phone. I was thinking if this was due to my "unusual" charging habit of only partially charging everyday, and doing it long enough broke the battery monitoring software. 

Regardless, it's a bug that needs to be fixed. 

I always charging my phone when the battery level around 25% then i charged until around 95%. And i always use steady charging mode, sometimes i use ultra steady.