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Adding a new type of unlocking with a mandatory swipe! Please!

Star I

Dear Asus, in Zenfone 10 you added fingerprint screen unlocking when you press a button, so that there are no false clicks like in Zenfone 9, thank you.

Please consider adding another type of unlock: press a button, automatic finger scanner and make sure to swipe across the screen! So that without swiping across the screen, the desktop does not open immediately after the scanner.

If I just need to look at notifications, or change the music track, then I always have to use some other finger to activate the screen, but at the same time so that it does not unlock to the desktop, which is inconvenient.
In other smartphones, where the scanner is in the screen or on the back, there is no such problem, since in them the power button activates the screen, but does not unlock it. Also on iPhones, their face ID can be configured in a similar way (face scanner + swipe to unlock). When double tapping on the screen, false taps often occur.

(switched to your Zenfone 10 from iPhone SE 2016)



Star I

You can double tap the screen instead of using the scanner -- that way you can look at the lockscreen without unlocking your phone.