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Zenbook UX582LR w/RTX3070 the fan is incredibly loud-help!

Star I
I had a UX581 w/RTX2060 and I replaced it with this one and the fan is incediable loud when it comexs on, which is everytime you touch the computer at all. Go to click on something...WHOOOSH the fan kicks in. I've called support and they gave me a fan power setting-there really isn't that many options, it seemed to be relatively quiet and then it starts up roaring again. Is this a "feature" which will require me to replace my's used in a recording studio. D'oh.


Hello, fazzpowellSorry for the slow reply.

Could you please provide the serial number of your laptop via PM? If possible, please provide a video of the clearly audible sound of the fan so that we can better understand the fan sound problem.

It is recommended that you refer to [Notebook] Troubleshooting - Overheating (Fan) issue of ASUS laptop for troubleshooting the fan problem you might have first.

Thank you.

Community Manager
Community Manager
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