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Zenbook UX582L - ScreenXpert App Switcher Grid Customization Question

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System: Asus Zenbook UX582L
Battery or AC: Both / Either.
Model: UX582L
Detailed description:
Hi, This is a question / discussion for the Asus ScreenPad Plus on the Zenbook UX582L Laptop. Specifically I would like to figure out if it is possible to customize and expand upon the EXCELLENT "App Switcher" function for moving windows between screens.
I have big screens & have always made use of screen gridding software to assist me with keeping myself organized. Most recently I have been using Microsoft FancyZones which is part of the PowerToys addons for Windows. But what I am seeing with the Asus App Switcher component is MUCH MUCH BETTER than any previous screen gridding tools I have used. The only problem is that is seems to only have prefixed grids and ONLY for the ScreenPad Plus.
So, my question:
1) Is it possible to customize the grids and design my own layout to suit my needs?
2) Is it possible to expand the grids to support grids on both the ScreenPad + but also on the main display? So when I choose to move windows up to the main diaplay, it gives me the option of where to place the window?
3) Is it possible to expand the App Switcher functionality to offer the ability to move the window to my external displays too? AND customize the grids for those displays?

My fingers are tightly crossed!!