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Zenbook UX481 ScreenPad plus dooesn't work at all

all drivers are up to date, but touch screen I can use only as second monitor. Fn key of screen pad has only one selection ScreenPad Plus is disabled, task switcher not working. No one application from Microsoft store didn't work.
So at first where we can find OS image with preinstalled drivers and software, or where we can find working drivers, because all drivers from Asus download is installed, but not working.
Asus ScreenXpert Interface -
System Control Interface V2 -
Intel UHD -
Windowx 10 x64 - 1909 Build 18363.836

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I have same problem and now is the problem that LibraService doesn't exist
Today the small screen suddently went black and didn't exist in windows shows only one screen.
After I reinstall all drivers as in the link I find hereon zentalk I can see the screen again but it doesn't work properly and the buttons for this screen doesn'nt work and when I try to start ScreenXpert there is only a message "ScreenXpert failed to find the following service : LibraService"
So what to do now ????

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Hi @osvaldas.dabravolskas @SAM481 Please refer to this FAQ for screenpad plus issue: . Please make sure that you follow the steps in order. If you have any problems during the process, please let me know (on which step error occurs). Thanks!

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Doesn't work anymore; some files are not even present anymore on ASUS support pages.
Lot's of errors to this, I had to install in Active Directory and setup fully wiped original installation.
Lot of the software are simlpy not distributed on ASUS webpages or are old versions.
ScreenPad 2.0 requires ver. 1 to be successfully installed. No install-from-scratch file found.
AsusScreenOptimizer are to be found anymore (old versions) on other webpages.
Screenpad Plus Optimizer seems to require that ScreenPad software already runs fine, it doesn't on mine.
ScreenXpert goes into blank, nothing happens, just vanishes. How do I get full installation kit?

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Hello RexRonny,
If you have UX481, then it's screenpad 2.0 from the very beginning, no need to install anything about 1.0.
If you have other models that comes with screenpad 1.0 initially, it needs to use upgrade tool to upgrade to 2.0.
May you specify which issue you are having ?
Thank you.