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ZENBOOK UX435EG w/2 Thunderbolt 4 USB-C's - Dual Extended Displays

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Hello all -
I am hammering out the best solution for a new TB4 docking station to suit this laptop. In the meantime, if I purchase a Thunderbolt 3 to dual HDMI adapters cable and plug it in, will this model (above) support the extended displays? I know that my TB 4 ports will support the data transfer but does the hardware in this model (above) do as well? I've miss-stepped before and I don't want to assume anything.
As usual, thanks for your help!

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Hello itrgr,
Do you mean does TB4 support TB3? it does.
But i'm not sure about if one port can support 2 monitor, since the power supply might be an issue.
Thank you.

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How the heck did you even find one of these laptops to buy? The availability has been moribund.

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Thank you once again Blake.
If I get the correct docking station, it will leave one TB4 port open for I can use the power delivery aspect of the dock. I was just apprehensive since I have already had to return a rather good docking station for not supplying my needs.
Its rather unbelievable how confusing it can be with all the developments in USB ports, GPU's, the right cables to buy, etc., to purchase the correct one. I know the the TB4 will work with any TB3 port and on down its just that what I need should not be that difficult to do. I'd love to buy the new TB 4 docking stations but they are very pricey. However, the TB 4 makes it super secure. Hit or miss is a game I don't want to play.
Jinter - I was probably the first consumer of the Laptop when it was offered @ Costco. I paid full price for it but still a bit better of a deal for what I got compared to the competition and so far it has been working like a champ. I just need it flexible for some video editing (nothing massive), business and the ability to dock it for all the peripherals.