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ZenBook Duo 15'

Star I
System: win10pro
Battery or AC: AC
Model: ux581l
Frequency of occurrence: ever
Reset OS:
Screenshot or video:
Detailed description:hello, im not shure the "big" graphiccard inside was used or a standard onboard card. in my acdsee picturebrowser all pics, jpg and raw, ar completely dark/black... and if i rightclick on the desktop, the nvidia tab only present 3 things for make some settings, on my desktop i have also nvidia but the controlpanel present much more setting possibilities such as colors etc. so im not shure windows uses the right driver or i have installed the right driver, because i dont wana game on that super laptop, i need it for photoshop and video cutting. hope anybody can help me and tell thank u in advence.

Rising Star II
You can force RTX for a certain app from the settings. Just Select your software and then, in graphics preference, set to high performance.


Star I
Thank u a lot! how i find this setting screen and maybe u can give me also a tipp for find/install the nvidia Systemcontrol where i can set up color and all that. but thank u very much.

Community Legend II
Hello sepp,
Please kindly enter MyASUS>Live update
and check or update.
There should a "Update MyASUS Splendid Profiles(ICM)" to update.
Thank you very much.